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Re: looking for feedback on the translation process

	Well, I'm speaking on the Spanish translation, that started in late
september IIRC.
	The only big problem has been with the changes of some stuff:

	- security, which now follows another scheme. And currently is
completely translated to Spanish.
	- news, which have changed from a big file to many little ones (I
have in my TODO list a script that will change from one to another). When it
was translated I found out it was of little use.. The news, however, is one
of the items that needs more dedication.
	- dist/vendors, which has change the order in which they were
presented. This just means some more work (not yet done)

	These changes have added work on myself since I receive all the
translations and add them to the Repository. But when I added the script
'check_trans.pl' (is isn't mentioned in the translate-HOWTO, but it should
be) it made  my life easier (although there was quite some work in adding
all files the <!-- header in order to keep track of which one was translated
from). Using this, and 'cvs diff -d', has helped me a lot.

	Also, the addition of new things: the SPI and ports directories,
after the translation was coordinated, has slowed their translation (we have
to get back together and translate these).

	Well, just some comments I had...



On Fri, Oct 23, 1998 at 05:27:19PM -0400, James A. Treacy wrote:
> Hopfully the translation process isn't too much work.
> Even more I hope the changes we've been making have been for

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