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Re: Brag page?

I think it's a good idea as well now... call it a 'recognition' page or 
something similar (Awards is to narrow a term I think).  We have the APCMAG 
award, the best of the net, and there's a nice letter from Corel which I'll 
post tomorrow that can go on there as well.


In message <[🔎] XFMail.981027124145.gecko@benham.net>, Darren Benham writes:
>We've been talking about this idea.  I added it to the todo list sometime 
>security is brought upto date.
>On 27-Oct-98 Nathan Sandver wrote:
>> I'm just wondering if there's a page on Debian's website that shows the
>> awards we've won. I don't think it would be a terrible thing to have such 
>> 'brag page'. It's not wrong to be proud of our accomplishments.
>> [Please CC me, since I'm not subscribed to the list]

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