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http://www.debian.org/social_contract changes

I'd like a few changes to this page.  I'll go through them one at a time, 
and justify them as well.

. "We are Software In The Public Interest, producers of the Debian GNU/Linux 
system. This is the "social contract" we offer to
the free software community."

This needs to be changed to 'We are Debian, ...' or something similar.  
Debian != SPI, but Debian is affiliated with SPI.  Also, name the soclail 
contract explicitly.  That makes it sound more official.  How about:

"We are Debian, the producers of the Debian GNU/Linux system. This is the 
'Debian Social Contract' which is a set of commitments that we offer to the 
free software community."

. Split this page into three pages, a page stating what the social contract 
and DFSG are, and then one page for each of the documents.  This is 
important because it establishes each as a separate document, and also 
because as Open Source grows we want to be able to point people explicitly 
and directly to the DFSG.  [I know that this will take a lot of redoing of 
links to the DFSG, but I think that it it important to split the pages... 

. Please add (to the page for the social contract and the DFSG) a notice at 
the bottom stating that
"Other organizations to derive from and build on this document.
Please give credit to the Debian project if you do."
This is a request from Bruce Perens, the author of the documents.  
Apparently this used to be on the page, but disappeared at some point during 
the rewrite.

Thanks, Nils.

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