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looking for feedback on the translation process

Hopfully the translation process isn't too much work.
Even more I hope the changes we've been making have been for
the better.

Now that the translations have been under way for a while I'd
like to know what the people doing the actual translation think.
In particular if there is anything you think we should do to
make life easier please bring it to our attention.

I had hoped that all the changes to the pages over the past
month would be done before the translations began. Unfortunately,
that's not the way things worked out. After we've modified a
file for the 10th time just after you updated the translation,
keep in mind that most all the changes we are making should
give some long term stability to the web site.

Update on pages in transition:
  The security directory is being renovated so you should stay clear
  of it.

  You may notice a new directory, english/mirror. Everything related
  to mirroring the web site and Debian archive is going in there.
  When I'm done all links to "devel/mirror" (there aren't many) will
  need to be changed to "mirror/". Wait until I make the announcement

Jay Treacy

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