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Re: Content Negotiation in Netscape 3.04

	Since you might appreciate this :) 

Preferred Languaje in linx

# PREFERRED_LANGUAGE is the language in MIME notation (e.g., "en",
# "fr") which will be indicated by Lynx in its Accept-Language headers
# as the preferred language.  If available, the document will be
# transmitted in that language.  Users can override this setting via
# the 'o'ptions menu and save that preference in their RC file.

	I know it is already there in the WWW page, but mentioning the
variable that needs to be modified would leverage lynx and Nestcape users :)
Also it could be mentioned that sysadmins neet to touch /etc/lynxrc to set
the preferences of ALL users.



On Sat, Sep 26, 1998 at 08:38:34PM -0400, James A. Treacy wrote:
> > Reading app-default file of Netscape 3.04 I found:
> Thanks for this. I found this long ago and couldn't remember where (not
> that I spent much time looking for it again). It has been added to
> the Debian page about setting your preferred language.
> Now all we need is for someone to write in with directions for doing
> this for IE. Any IE users out there (who are willing to admit it)?
> Jay Treacy

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