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Re: Content Negotiation in Netscape 3.04

> Reading app-default file of Netscape 3.04 I found:
> ! You can ask HTTP (Web) servers for documents in your preferred language
> ! by setting the Accept-Language header. It is a comma-separated list of
> ! languages or language/region pairs. For example, if you would prefer to
> ! see documents in French, or, failing that, in American English, you
> could
> ! use the following:
> !
> !   *httpAcceptLanguage: fr, en-US
> !
> ! Other possible languages and regions are:
> etc. (follow a list of languages).
Thanks for this. I found this long ago and couldn't remember where (not
that I spent much time looking for it again). It has been added to
the Debian page about setting your preferred language.

Now all we need is for someone to write in with directions for doing
this for IE. Any IE users out there (who are willing to admit it)?

Jay Treacy

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