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Content negotiation in MSIE


| Now all we need is for someone to write in with directions for doing
| this for IE. Any IE users out there (who are willing to admit it)?

I have been informed that it is (kind of) impossible to change the preferred
language in IE. The only solution is to install a WinXX localised to your
preferred language - and you can definitely only understand the language
WinXX is in.

Before I got this message, I tried to find a way to change Accept-Language
in IE, but without any luck.

The real problem with IE seems to be that if you arrive with a "French IE"
at a resource that doesn't exist in French, Apache will inform you that it
doesn't have that resource in a form you can read (or something close to
that). If the URL identifies a specific language version of the resource
(for example "GET /index.en.html") you don't get this problem.


PS: I'm working at a (officially) Microsoft-only institution. I'm not using
    WinNT because it's fun.

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