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Re: Fw: Design of Debian web site

> o Get the mirror to run "stand-alone" without www.debian.org-Links!!!
>   - very important, because there are tooo much links to www.debian.org
>   What are mirrors for :)
>   This is also important for the ftp-links!
>   - i have many ideas (but my english is not soo well to write here much)
You only need to mirror two directories for the web. That's not much more work
than one.  I don't know the reason for the split (I'll look into it). If, on
the other hand, you don't like the fact that cgi scripts only run on master,
that's a different story.

If you are unhappy with the use of symbolic links in the ftp archive, bring
it up on debian-devel. It has been discussed many times and is currently
being discussed again.

> o Its _very_ important that mirroring is getting easier for the people
>   who want to mirror!!
>   Do it like tucows (www.tucows.com) - they have ~ 400 mirrors, because it
>   is sooo easy to setup a mirror!
>   - if you want suggestions, please ask me..
I set up a mirror of both the ftp and web archives in about 5 minutes.
I don't see what the difficulty is. Of course, it took almost a day for
the mirror to finish when started from scratch. :)

- Jay

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