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Re: Fw: Design of Debian web site


> > o Get the mirror to run "stand-alone" without www.debian.org-Links!!!
> >   - very important, because there are tooo much links to www.debian.org
> >   What are mirrors for :)
> >   This is also important for the ftp-links!
> >   - i have many ideas (but my english is not soo well to write here much)
> > 
> You only need to mirror two directories for the web. That's not much more work
> than one.  I don't know the reason for the split (I'll look into it). If, on
> the other hand, 
"only to mirror two directories for the web" - ... the -local are to much
files! - i have very big problems mirroring them..

>you don't like the fact that cgi scripts only run on master,
> that's a different story.
They can run on master - but they should link back to the mirror!
> If you are unhappy with the use of symbolic links in the ftp archive, bring
> it up on debian-devel. It has been discussed many times and is currently
> being discussed again.
The symbolic-links are no problem (in my case)

 > > o Its _very_ important that mirroring is getting easier for the people
> >   who want to mirror!!
> >   Do it like tucows (www.tucows.com) - they have ~ 400 mirrors, because it
> >   is sooo easy to setup a mirror!
> >   - if you want suggestions, please ask me..
> > 
> I set up a mirror of both the ftp and web archives in about 5 minutes.
> I don't see what the difficulty is. 
*ROTFL* - i am still  waiting on my first "request to mirror"-reply :)
It would be very nice, if there is a "step-to-step" Documentation, or a
"debian-mirror howto"


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