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Re: Fw: Design of Debian web site

Hi James,

I think the most important things are 2 points:

o Get the mirror to run "stand-alone" without www.debian.org-Links!!!
  - very important, because there are tooo much links to www.debian.org
  What are mirrors for :)
  This is also important for the ftp-links!
  - i have many ideas (but my english is not soo well to write here much)

o Its _very_ important that mirroring is getting easier for the people
  who want to mirror!!
  Do it like tucows (www.tucows.com) - they have ~ 400 mirrors, because it
  is sooo easy to setup a mirror!
  - if you want suggestions, please ask me..


 ---      Georg Hitsch    ---
 --- mail: georg@atnet.at ---
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 --- web:  http://ge.org  ---

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