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Re: Security information

>  I don't remember ever volunteering...  uh, is that a cattle prod?
I must admit that I made a mistake. It was Alan Dorman who volunteered.
To be fair to you, let me talk to him and see if he is still interested.
If not, I'll get back to you... :)

>  Well, I've little experience with this sort of thing.  If it's fairly
> turnkey, I could probably manage a max of two or three hours a week
> for it.
It'd probably take that much time just to get through bugtraq. On top of
that you'd have to contact the maintainer of any package with a potential
security problem and follow up on it until everthing is resolved. 
You would send me updates for the web pages so you wouldn't have to deal
with that part of it.

>  I've subscribed to bugtraq and debian-www.
>  Now what do I do?
Wait until I get back to you. I really appreciate your willingness to
help though.

- Jay

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