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Re: Security information

> > fairly high volume). Can someone post the subscription address for bugtraq?
> It's bugtraq-request@netspace.org afaik

> > I agree with everything you've posted. I think it includes all the
> > criticisms received so far. The page you converted also looks good.
> Which one?  Shall I complete convertion so you can replace the
> page on va?
That would be appreciated.

> > Joey, if there are any problems with Karl doing the page, would you
> > be able to do it?
> I could try, but I'm very, very busy at the moment.  I've got several
> packages, I'm backup list manager and as Chris is unavailable I feel
> as backup security officer, too.  I've running powerpc.debian.org,
> m68k.debian.org (well, no work concerned at the moment) and I will
> start running sparc.debian.org in a few days.  At least the powerpc
> will eat a fair amount of time and I have to finish some things until
> 31st of january.  Well and I have to organize my exams.
> > I'm looking forward to finally getting this resolved. It's been a
> > thorn in my side for too long. I'm including the rest of your post
> > for the benefit of Karl.
> What's the problem with maintaining the pages yourself?  That's quite
> easy for you as you only have to watch what comes in from security
> managers (better subscribe to several security lists, too).  Then you
> "only" have to convert the input you receive to html.  Should not
> be too difficult, should it?
I subscribed to bugtraq for a while and found it too much. Taking care
of the web pages is rather time consuming. The person doing this must
read bugtraq as not all bugs make it to our security mailing list.
If it's not that much work, how come it is so difficult to get anyone
to do it?

I don't want to compare work schedules, but I was never as busy in school
as I am now (very little time to goof off :( ). Plus I have a house to
work on, other volunteer work and I'd like to spend enough time with
my wife that I don't forget what she looks like. Luckily I can get by
with less sleep than I used to. As it is, I'm neglecting some packages.

- Jay

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