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Re: Security information

>>>>> "James" == James A Treacy <treacy@debian.org> writes:

    >> I don't remember ever volunteering...  uh, is that a cattle
    >> prod?
    James> I must admit that I made a mistake. It was Alan Dorman who
    James> volunteered.  To be fair to you, let me talk to him and see
    James> if he is still interested.  If not, I'll get back to
    James> you... :)


    >> Well, I've little experience with this sort of thing.  If it's
    >> fairly turnkey, I could probably manage a max of two or three
    >> hours a week for it.
    James> It'd probably take that much time just to get through
    James> bugtraq. On top of that you'd have to contact the
    James> maintainer of any package with a potential security problem
    James> and follow up on it until everthing is resolved.  You would
    James> send me updates for the web pages so you wouldn't have to
    James> deal with that part of it.

 Sounds like a full-time job.

    >> I've subscribed to bugtraq and debian-www.
    >> Now what do I do?
    James> Wait until I get back to you. I really appreciate your
    James> willingness to help though.

 Ok.  I can really only dedicate two or three hours a week to it, at
most.  I've a *lot* of reading to do.  I spend too much time hacking
as it is.

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