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Re: fatman too slow from US?

> #1 and #4 are obsolete now (my net connection to master is good enough and
> I like the current style :), but the mirroring still puzzles me. If a page
> is changed on master, it usually takes a day until www.debian.org get's it
> (right?). I think this is too slow for me. (I want to put out new pages
> and reference them right afterwards.) 
If you'd like, I can up the mirror rate. It's currently once per day for 
the bulk of the pages. The only exception is the bug lists which get updated
four times per day. The pages are only updated once per day as I didn't see the
need to it any more frequently and there are so many files in the distribution
that it really chews up some cpu and ram during the updates.

I could even have just that section of the web pages updated as often as you

- Jay

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