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fatman too slow from US?

I was told that my Debian web pages on "fatman" are sometimes awfully slow
when accessed from the US. (Is this true?)

Therefore, I think we should look for a better solution. The advantages of
having the pages off debian.org have been:

 1. I have direct access to fatman

 2. fatman is not mirrored, so it's always up-to-date and CGI scripts run
    on the same system

 3. I have a separate web directory, so their are no "conflicts" when
    others change their pages, too.

(4. the pages don't necessarily have to use the same "style" as on
    debian.org ;-)

#1 and #4 are obsolete now (my net connection to master is good enough and
I like the current style :), but the mirroring still puzzles me. If a page
is changed on master, it usually takes a day until www.debian.org get's it
(right?). I think this is too slow for me. (I want to put out new pages
and reference them right afterwards.) 

I know, that one can access the pages on master before they are mirrored
too, but the URL's don't look very "user-friendly". 

It would probably be good to discuss several ideas:

 - Setting up a new host "wwwmaster.debian.org" which is an alias for

 - Make www.debian.org mirror pages faster, or perhaps "on demand" by
   calling a script.

 - Setting up "staff.debian.org" pointing to master. Every developer who
   needs to set up (Debian-specific only) web pages for the project can
   put the files into public_html/ of his/her home directory. The URL
   would be
   for example.

   (I would put my pages on "staff" and "fatman" then, so we have at least
   two different servers to get the pages from.)

Am I making things unnecessary complicated? Any comments are appreciated. 



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