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Re: fatman too slow from US?

On Thu, 8 Jan 1998, James A.Treacy wrote:

> If you'd like, I can up the mirror rate. It's currently once per day for
> the bulk of the pages. The only exception is the bug lists which get
> updated four times per day. The pages are only updated once per day as I
> didn't see the need to it any more frequently and there are so many
> files in the distribution that it really chews up some cpu and ram
> during the updates. 

I'd prefer having a command to force immediate mirroring of the pages. The
pages don't change very often, but when the change, I want to get them
up-to-date ASAP :-)

It would be great if that would be possible. I'm thinking of putting the
Policy Home Page, Roadmap pages, DDP, and Kbd Cfg Project pages to master
then. The sizes are:

1020    debian-doc
360     debian-kbd
2151    debian-policy
17      debian-roadmap
3548    total

Would this be ok? (The doc and policy pages contain several
manuals--that's why they are so large.) 

In addition, I'll keep the pages on fatman since this server seems to 
have a better net connection for European users.



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