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Introduction - Hi!


My name is Christi and I am a new to Linux (only been using it for a little over a month) and new to Debian. I chose Debian for my distro as I was very impressed with the Social Contract and what the community strives for as a whole.

I found out about Debian Women when I was reading articles on the controversial "init" system and a poster (whom I am sure you all know) made comments about how Debian went to hell in a handbasket with the advent of Debian Women. I thought he was speaking about a specific woman, but after doing a search for this elusive "Debian Women", I found this group. Isn't irony a kicker? ;0-)

Having been the sole female in the IT departments that I have been working in for the last twenty years, I find the idea of a group of women who are also in technology supporting each other a wonderful idea and one that I wanted to join. This was after doing a lot of research on the group, making sure it was for women and not some anti-male group, and since I am writing this, you can see that what I found was a group of women who support and mentor other women (and young ladies - that is not being me ha ha) in IT, that I see this group as nothing but positive and one I would be honored to be to join. Hopefully, to make a difference as well.

I am a database architect/developer/programmer by trade, and know all the VB languages and excited to know my skills will be relevant in the LibreOffice suite. I also know HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, but don't use those often as I am more of a back-end programmer than one who makes things pretty. Currently I am learning C++ and then I would like to learn C. My goal is to someday contribute to Debian by way of development, patches or any other way that if a need needs to be filled,I would like to be that person who fills it.

This is just a little note to say "Hello" and introduce myself to the group. I just wanted you all to know you have a new reader/member to the group, if you'll have me, and I will be looking forward to meeting all of you in the future.


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