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Re: Introduction - Hi!

On Sat, Feb 21, 2015 at 09:12:35PM -0800, Christi Wilson wrote:
> My name is Christi and I am a new to Linux (only been using it for a
> little over a month) and new to Debian. I chose Debian for my distro
> as I was very impressed with the Social Contract and what the
> community strives for as a whole.

Hi, welcome.  Good choice : -)

> research on the group, making sure it was for women and not some
> anti-male group, and since I am writing this, you can see that what
> I found was a group of women who support and mentor other women (and
> young ladies - that is not being me ha ha) in IT, that I see this
> group as nothing but positive and one I would be honored to be to
> join. Hopefully, to make a difference as well.

I'm also not so young.  Regarding "joining", there isn't really
a membership aside from subscribing to the list which is open.
Some people are more active than others.

I'm not very active in Debian or debian-women but I have used Debian
for years, and I at least subscribe to debian-women.  I'm not a DD
(seemed like a lot of work - I am going to learn about packaging first
and then think about becoming a DD - it's not going very quickly but
there is now an angle to tie this in to work so we'll see what happens).

> I am a database architect/developer/programmer by trade, and know
> all the VB languages and excited to know my skills will be relevant
> in the LibreOffice suite. I also know HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, but
> don't use those often as I am more of a back-end programmer than one
> who makes things pretty. Currently I am learning C++ and then I
> would like to learn C. My goal is to someday contribute to Debian by
> way of development, patches or any other way that if a need needs to
> be filled,I would like to be that person who fills it.

I'll be happy to help if you (or anyone) have C, C++, make
or shell questions.  Or python.  I'm a programmer, I work in those
languages on a Linux platform.  I also have a passing acquaintance
with HTML, CSS, JavaScript.  I use postgreSQL when I get
to choose the database.

Strange that you are learning C++ first and then C, C++ is pretty
much a superset of C.  I guess your schedule is project-driven.

Many people claim they use C++ but they write C code and compile
it with a C++ compiler and call it C++ code.  Watch out for that.

Regarding helping out the Debian project, there are lots of ways
to help.  You can look at the bug tracking system and find bugs
and fix them, look for work-needing or orphaned packages and adopt
them, do translations, maintain web sites, etc etc.  One way to
get started is to look at packages you are interested in and
see if you can help on those, perhaps starting by submitting
patches to the maintainer.  I'm sure there are lots of other
ways to participate ... I'm not up on all the ways because
I don't participate much : -)  Oh, there are the conferences,
they need to be organized/produced and you can give talks.

The women-only events make me a bit uncomfortable, but I can
see how it helps some women.  Last I heard (that was a while
ago), debian-women was keen on mentoring both women and men.

You arrive at an interesting time in the Debian project,
we'll see what happens with this init thing.


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