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Re: Mentoring of the Month for woman

Hi Malihe,

On Fri, Feb 20, 2015 at 02:10:57PM +0330, Malihe Asemani wrote:
> Dear Andreas,
> Thank you very much for your complete and great explanation.

You are welcome. :-)

> I think I need your help.
> Is there any especial web page that some required packages for a project
> are listed there?
> For instance, I've checked ToDo link of the OpenStack project:
>      https://wiki.debian.org/OpenStack/OpenStack/todo
> But I could not find such a list there.

What exactly do you mean by "there".  If it is about the field I know
perfectly (because I created the pages ;-)) we have a so called web
sentinel for Debian Med which lists existing and prospective / wanted
software.  The largest pool to pick from is the software in the field
of biology (in Blends slang we call it "Biology task"):


On the left menu there are color-coded ranges:  Green is "solved" (=in
Debian), yellow means that there is some work to do (which might be
only a few things to do until basically nothing than a small skeleton
exists) and red means that nobody has done relevant work.  To learn
packaging it might be also possible to continue some existing work.

You find such list in varying amount in other tasks of Debian Med (see
the box "Links to other tasks" on the left) and also to some extend in
other Blends (Debian Science, Debian GIS etc.) - as I said I will not
restrict your pick for the MoM project to Debian Med software.  I just
know better where to seek for the todos here. :-)

> Any idea?

I guess there are other sub-projects who are maintaining different todo
lists but the only thing I can advise here is to ask on debian-devel (if
you are not lucky enough that somebody else here on this list will have
a nice suggestion).  However, I'd like to repeat my hint that the best
pick would be some software you want yourself for your own use that is
not yet packaged.  It might be as simple and "unimportant" in your view
but that's no problem.  For instance I started with xteddy ages ago (and
I'm not proud how orphaned this nice package is today but that's
probably the fate of stuffed toy at some pointin time :-().  I needed it
to make sure my son likes his computer and looking from now backwards I
think I did not fail in doing so. ;-)

So please rank your own todo list higher than anybody else's.  Chances
are good that you come up with something other people will like / need
as well.

Hope this helps



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