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Re: Introduction - Hi!

Hi Christi, and welcome!

El 22/02/15 a las 06:12, Christi Wilson escribió:
> Hi,
> My name is Christi and I am a new to Linux (only been using it for a
> little over a month) and new to Debian. I chose Debian for my distro as
> I was very impressed with the Social Contract and what the community
> strives for as a whole.


> I found out about Debian Women when I was reading articles on the
> controversial "init" system and a poster (whom I am sure you all know)
> made comments about how Debian went to hell in a handbasket with the
> advent of Debian Women. I thought he was speaking about a specific
> woman, but after doing a search for this elusive "Debian Women", I found
> this group. Isn't irony a kicker? ;0-)
> Having been the sole female in the IT departments that I have been
> working in for the last twenty years, I find the idea of a group of
> women who are also in technology supporting each other a wonderful idea
> and one that I wanted to join. This was after doing a lot of research on
> the group, making sure it was for women and not some anti-male group,
> and since I am writing this, you can see that what I found was a group
> of women who support and mentor other women (and young ladies - that is
> not being me ha ha) in IT, that I see this group as nothing but positive
> and one I would be honored to be to join. Hopefully, to make a
> difference as well.

Just to note that this is an inclusive group: men, and people
self-defining in another way are also allowed and welcome to join Debian
Women, and they indeed participate helping/supporting women to get
involved in Debian.

> I am a database architect/developer/programmer by trade, and know all
> the VB languages and excited to know my skills will be relevant in the
> LibreOffice suite. I also know HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, but don't use
> those often as I am more of a back-end programmer than one who makes
> things pretty. Currently I am learning C++ and then I would like to
> learn C. My goal is to someday contribute to Debian by way of
> development, patches or any other way that if a need needs to be
> filled,I would like to be that person who fills it.

As Brenda already said, there are many different ways of contributing,
not all of them tied to code/packaging, and you don't need to be a
Debian Developer to start.

For example, I started here too, and cleaning spam, and translating to
Spanish, with occasional bug submissions and wiki editions. Now I try to
contribute in the website team and the publicity team too. I plan to
join Debian as "official developer", not packaging software, but
improving my contributions in the teams that I'm already.

Last year we created this wiki page:

I'm planning to update it a bit, feel free to propose anything that you
(as newcomer) would like to see there.

Some types of contributions are credited in
https://contributors.debian.org/ (I hope some day *any kind* of
contributions are listed!) You can have a look there and if you want
your contributions in that list, please make an account in Alioth (since
the list is "opt-in").

Another way that you may consider to get involved is to ask for any of
the grants that we will provide this summer (we participate in Google
Summer of Code and Outreachy mentoring programs). More info here:

> This is just a little note to say "Hello" and introduce myself to the
> group. I just wanted you all to know you have a new reader/member to the
> group, if you'll have me, and I will be looking forward to meeting all
> of you in the future.

Speaking of meetings, there will be a MiniDebConf Women next May in
Bucharest: https://lists.debian.org/debian-women/2015/02/msg00001.html

If you decide to go, great! You will meet many of the awesome people in
Debian. I went last year (in Barcelona), it was my first Debian event
and I enjoyed *a lot*. If you don't go, I suppose it will be possible to
follow the talks by streaming or watch the videos later. Videos of last
year's MiniDebConf Women here:

Feel free to write here in the list or in our IRC channel #debian-women
at irc.debian.org for further information or any topic that comes to
mind. In Debian we tend to discuss in public channels but if you need
more privacy for any reason, you can also ping my by (private, even GPG)
mail too.

Sorry for the long mail, and welcome again!

> Christi

Laura Arjona

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