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Re: Minutes of the Debian-Women Website BoF

first of all: thanks Meike for this report! I was unable to attend this
meeting, even if the topic was, IMHO, rather vital for DW.

On Tue, Aug 16, 2011 at 12:27:53PM +0200, Meike Reichle wrote:


> Because of this we propose the following things:
> 1) We use wiki.debian.org as our main site. It's open to all types of
>    contributors, easy to use and already well in use.

Totally agree, and in addition to the reasons you listed, there is also
the mere fact that this way we could share content with users of wiki.d.o
(I'm thinking in particular to tutorials made from various irc sessions,
and similar stuff).
> 2) In order to have a complete web presence at wiki.debian.org we will
>    migrate the last remaining pages (Projects and Press) to the debian
>    wiki. (I'd propose DebianWomenProjects and DebianWomenPress for these)
> 3) We'd also like to revive the talks page that some of the elders might
>    still fondly remember. It's intended to give a list of Debian-Women
>    related talks that have been or will be given. DebianWomenTalks might
>    be a good place for that.

This is a great idea: one of the most useful way to increase DW
visibility is delivering talks about it and having a set of
slides/presentations of past talks to customize could encourage more
people to become a speaker ;)

During DebConf the Debian Events people talked a little bit about
creating a database of all Debian related talks: the idea is to have an
archive in which people could search for title/author/year/topic.
I don't know if we could simply merge the two things (i.e. adding in
this db a specific "debian women, gender imbalance, $whatever" tag - wrt topic)
and adding all DW-related talks in the db itself (instead of creating a
specific page on wiki.d.o).

My suggestion is, for now, to create the wiki page: this way we'll be able to
add also talks not directly related to Debian but regarding women in
free software in general.

> 4) The ikiwiki migration will be cancelled and filed as a learning
>    experience :)
> 5) We will put a relatively small and static site at women.debian.org
>    which will only hold an about section, the profiles, contact
>    information and a link to http://wiki.debian.org/DebianWomen for more
>    timely information.
> We are not yet sure how to maintain that static site. Our hope would be
> that we can somehow use the Debian www infrastructure for that. The
> benefit of this would be that in that case there would also be a working
> translation infrastructure etc. It would naturally not be as collaborative
> as the wiki, given that not everyone can edit it, but we thought since
> there isn't much content there anyway and be biggest part of our work is
> in the wiki that would be acceptable.
> Francesca or other www people: Do you know if that is a possibility?

Yep, definitely.
I mean, not only I completely agree with the idea but it's also
technically possible.
We could simply create a specific directory under the webwml tree: some
sub project - as various ports - are already present in www.d.o and they
benefit of its infrastructure, which basically means uniformity of design, 
regular checks for validity of the code and of URLs, site rebuilt 4 times
a day, pages available for translation to debian-l10n-$language teams, a
lot of mirrors, bugs regarding pages available via BTS.

> Unfortunately none of the attendees knew much about the www
> infrastructure, so that part is more of a vague idea.

The www.d.o sources are written in wml (as the old DW site) and the whole
tree is under CVS (ehm, yes a bit old, but there're some
valid reasons for that). WML could seems scaring, but for editing
purposes is basically HTML with a twist (given by some perl) and after
compilation wml actually become html.
Translations are managed partly via gettext (the hack for wml-gettext
communication is pretty unique but it works really well) and partly
working directly on wml.

I don't think there will be objections by the rest of the www team about
adding a /debian-women/ dir, and I volunteer to do it, but to be sure I
added debian-www@lists.debian.org in CC (but please maintain the reply on

> Regards,
> Meike


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