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Re: Minutes of the Debian-Women Website BoF

Alexander Reichle-Schmehl @ 16.08.2011 12:58:
> Hi!
> Am 16.08.2011 12:27, schrieb Meike Reichle:
>> 2) In order to have a complete web presence at wiki.debian.org we will
>>    migrate the last remaining pages (Projects and Press) to the debian
>>    wiki. (I'd propose DebianWomenProjects and DebianWomenPress for these)
>> 3) We'd also like to revive the talks page that some of the elders might
>>    still fondly remember. It's intended to give a list of Debian-Women
>>    related talks that have been or will be given. DebianWomenTalks might
>>    be a good place for that.
> Are there any reasons to create them as new pages, instead of
> DebianWomen/Projects, DebianWomen/Press and DebianWomen/talks?  If have
> no strong feelings about that, but think that's little bit cleaner and
> more organised.

Oh, you're right. There should be slashes. That would also be more
consistent with the current pages.


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