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Minutes of the Debian-Women Website BoF

Hi all,

here's the looong overdue summary of our little ad-hoc Debian-Women
website Bof during DebConf.

Attending were Alice, Tassia, Monica, Pei-Hua and myself.

These are the questions we discussed:

- Do we need/want an individual webpage with an individual style and
- If so how do we manage translations?
- What about the ikiwiki migration
- What about our wiki pages

Tassia, Monica, and Alice had earlier been converting the old web pages
into ikiwiki, but there were some problems with that, since the new
installation of ikiwiki somehow didn't work (sorry, don't know details)
and we also weren't sure how translations would be handled with the new site.

Also we've had somewhat of a tendency to simply move stuff to
http://wiki.debian.org/DebianWomen in the recent months

Because of that we pretty quickly came to the agreement that

1) it's not really worth having two wikis. Given that we do most things in
   the Debian wiki, we don't actually need the additional ikiwiki.

2) We would like to keep a small, static representative site at
   women.debian.org. That URL is a mark of recognition that we don't want
   to loose. Also it's a good and representative point to link to.

Because of this we propose the following things:

1) We use wiki.debian.org as our main site. It's open to all types of
   contributors, easy to use and already well in use.

2) In order to have a complete web presence at wiki.debian.org we will
   migrate the last remaining pages (Projects and Press) to the debian
   wiki. (I'd propose DebianWomenProjects and DebianWomenPress for these)

3) We'd also like to revive the talks page that some of the elders might
   still fondly remember. It's intended to give a list of Debian-Women
   related talks that have been or will be given. DebianWomenTalks might
   be a good place for that.

4) The ikiwiki migration will be cancelled and filed as a learning
   experience :)

5) We will put a relatively small and static site at women.debian.org
   which will only hold an about section, the profiles, contact
   information and a link to http://wiki.debian.org/DebianWomen for more
   timely information.

We are not yet sure how to maintain that static site. Our hope would be
that we can somehow use the Debian www infrastructure for that. The
benefit of this would be that in that case there would also be a working
translation infrastructure etc. It would naturally not be as collaborative
as the wiki, given that not everyone can edit it, but we thought since
there isn't much content there anyway and be biggest part of our work is
in the wiki that would be acceptable.

Francesca or other www people: Do you know if that is a possibility?
Unfortunately none of the attendees knew much about the www
infrastructure, so that part is more of a vague idea.


PS: As usual I tried to make these minutes as complete and correct as
possible. please correct and/or amend where necessary.

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