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the usual question

Hello, my name is EK.

In Mexico we are preparing the third edition of the Hackmitin (a free,
participatory event in which the dichotomy organizer / assistant is
diluted by the desire to organize the event collectively. In HM, hackers
and hacktivists work together to create a self-managed, egalitarian,
horizontal and above all free comunity.

http://espora.org/hackmitin/index.php/P% C3% Hackmitin A1gina_principal

In the two previous meetings the majority of participants were men. This
edition we hope more women participate actively in the hackmitin

Some of us to have read and shared views on the "Encourage Women in Linux"

We have found that many of the obstacles to more participation of women in
technology related events are cultural. We would like to know what kind of
activities you have organized to increase the interest of women. What has
been your experience?

* We apologize for any flaws in this letter, we used a translator.

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