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DW website content

Hi everybody!

During today's meeting we had the chance to agree on the following
content per section:

(1) Home: front page should show recent news, as an announcement blog
(2) About: merge content of current sections Home, About and FAQ (General FAQ)
(3) Profiles: update them and add more people
     1. tell women with profiles already there we're migrating and ask
if they want to have their content migrated
     2. ask them to update it once we finish, if they still want it on there
     3. ping them once a year to update (in debconf, for example)
(4) Projects (new section)
     * Mentoring
     * Events: with links to the wiki, if it's necessary
     * Website: merge content of current Involvement (Submit your bio
and Contribute for the website)
(5) Contact: merge content of current sections Contact, Involvement
(subscribe to ML) and FAQ (Mailing List and IRC FAQ)

The FAQ section would disappear unless we have more questions (its
current content would be at About and Contact sections).

We didn't have the time to discuss about the Press section. I would
say we should at least delete the broken links and find recent
relevant articles.

Any comments on this?


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