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Build It Event report

Hey all!

The two sessions of the Build It Event were held on Saturday, in both
of them we had an audience of 10 to 15 "talking" people, I don't know
how many other people were following but not commenting.

Both logs are available at:


(The second one is a bit better regarding the tutorial part, the first
one was buggy)

I think the event went quite well both times.  Most people were able
to follow along, were happy with the results and had interesting
questions.  Even though we had suggested a separation by timezone, we
had someone from Brazil in the first session, a couple of people from
Europe on the second one, and also 2 people from Africa in the second
one.  That last fact made me happy :), I hope we can have more people
from Africa in Debian.

When she has time, Mònica is going to update the tutorial, which was
already in the wiki at http://wiki.debian.org/BuildingTutorial, with
the current info from this tutorial.

Many of the attendees asked for more tutorials.  I think this is a
great initiative and that we need to keep doing it.  However, I'm
afraid that we might not be reaching enough women, the ratio of
men/women in the attendees was still towards the male side :-\


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