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Re: Project for someone with time and will: website update

On Friday 29 April 2011 05:59:21 Christian PERRIER wrote:
> > website built by a bloke.  No disrespect intended to any man with
>                      ^^^^^
> I just followed that thread but I'm blocked by something: as a
> non-native speaker of English language, I can't get all the subtleties
> of the above word. For some reason (which may be wrong), I take it as
> offensive

Here in England (and I know such things may differ across the English speaking 
world) the term "bloke" carries no derogatory statement or implication 

From wiktionary 
<quote> (Australian, New Zealand, UK, South African, colloquial) A man 
(usually in the sense: the typical ‘man on the street’, an ordinary, 
down-to-earth man </quote> 

In this discussion, it is just a colloquial substitute for the word "man", 
with no conotations at all.

It is most certainly not offensive.  The word in general is either neuter or 
intended as a compliment.

The reason that you can't get all the subtleties is that there aren't any.


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