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Re: contact address for anti-harassment policies

2010/12/13 Kevin Mark <kevin.mark@verizon.net>
a few point to note:
as someone mentioned, why make it to @w.d.o vs @d.o. The form of harrasment may
not be based on gender, so not sure why it would go to a project email address
that (I am guessing) is for 'debian women' issue??

Why have the link on the DW website only? vs. also the Debian website and even
the Debconf website.  Or other Debian subsites or .net sites?

I would go for one global one: there is not only a "woman-specific" harassment, but others as well. And separating both of them makes it appear as women benefit from special conditions or something apart. Which really makes me feel unconfortable :/

great to see this initiative.

+42 :)


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