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Re: contact address for anti-harassment policies

On 13 December 2010 11:24, Kevin Mark <kevin.mark@verizon.net> wrote:
as someone mentioned, why make it to @w.d.o vs @d.o. The form of harrasment may
not be based on gender, so not sure why it would go to a project email address
that (I am guessing) is for 'debian women' issue??

Why have the link on the DW website only? vs. also the Debian website and even
the Debconf website.  Or other Debian subsites or .net sites?

Yep, I think that @d.o would be the best place to start, with links on all Debian-sponsored sites.

That said, I understand that the reason there exists a w.d.o mailing list, etc - but not also an ethnic-minorities.debian.org list or such like - is that historically, women trying to get involved with Debian have faced specific problems that required the creation of a comparatively "safe" rallying point. While I hope that in time, people of every gender will be able to participate in Debian equally (and, especially, equally free of harassment) such that w.d.o will become unnecessary, as long as there's still a need for w.d.o, I can see that having an @w.d.o contact point for harassment reports in addition to the @d.o may be worthwhile.

I'd suggest it works like this:

- Emails to antiharassment@w.d.o go to a team specifically concerned with handling cases of harassment against women.
- Emails to antiharassment@d.o go to a slightly larger team (e.g. a team of which the team above is a subset), which then triages reports appropriately, such that a report of harassment against a woman would end up being handled by the same people as if it had been sent to antiharassment@w.d.o

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