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IRC Training Sessions Organization and Info

Hi all,
I'd had to write this mail some days ago, but lately the days seems to be really
too short for me.
As you probably have known (we have covered all the Debian communication
channels quite well, isn't it Ana?) today at 20:00 UTC, the Debian Women IRC Training
Sessions will start with the Lars' lesson titled "Introduction on Debian

In the last two days, #debian-women is quite filled of new people, then my
impression is that the training-sessions thing were a general need. And it's
good that Debian Women is doing the ritght thing in the right moment. 

I'm totally a newbie on this kind of things: I've never organized a round of
Training Session (and in fact I've made several mistakes...) and I've never
been at one of them. So, I hope that someone - maybe some op of the
debian-women channel - could manage it today. 

I'll be there to start and end the bot for the logs, and to collect the
questions on a separate channel (#dw-question) at the end of the session and
paste them one-by-one on #debian-women after the previous one has
answered, as Lars smartly suggested.

About calendar, I've based the organization of the session on the wiki page
which had summarized suggested topics and proposed trainers.
For topics without trainers, I've asked around.
And I have to apologize publicly with Rhonda who's proposed herself as trainer
for BTS session: in the related wiki page there's no note about it and thus I
erroneously thought that no one had yet proposed for that session, so I asked
Don Armstrong if he could be the trainer for BTS.
I'm sorry Rhonda: I've been stupid, I'd also had to check the mailing list.

(For now, no response from Don)

So, for now we've three sessions already scheduled, as you can see here [1].
My idea is to have two other session for this round and then organize,
eventually, another round on January.

For the two other session of this round I've already contacted:

- Don Armstrong (no response, from now) for BTS session
- Biella Coleman (ok for topic, we're discussing on time) for 
  "The Debian Project, organization and history"

After every session the log will be available here [2] and the idea is to
create a tutorial and make it available on wiki.d.o.

I've also take the liberty to mention our identi.ca group [3] into the press
release about the irc sessions: I think that it's a great resource to stay in
touch and give informations on Debian Women activities. ;)

So, hope to see you all later


[1] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianWomen/TrainingSessions
[2] http://meetbot.debian.net/  
[3] http://identi.ca/group/debianwomen

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