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Re: resource availability and (naive) ideas

On 2/09/10 6:18 PM, Stephen Gran wrote:
> This one time, at band camp, Éric Araujo said:
>>>> I've cc'd weasel and sgran so they can answer the following question: is
>>>> it acceptable to have non-DDs (and/or non-DMs) on such aliases?
>>> Yes, it's an alias file, so it can take arbitrary addresses.
>> I believe the question was about policy, not technique.
> Yes, I understood that - I think it's a non-issue, so didn't
> address it.  I apologize if that left the situation ambiguous.
> What we don't want, in general, is for an email address @*.d.o
> to be handed out for trivial or status reasons.  What is fine
> is for role accounts to redirect mail to people actually doing
> the work.  As examples, firstname.lastname@women.debian.org
> redirecting to firstname.lastname@gmail.com is probably not fine, but
> mentors@women.debian.org redirecting to a gmail address absolutely is,
> in my opinion.
> Hope that makes my position clearer, and sorry again for any
> misunderstanding.

Thanks both for explaining this.  It's clear now.  I don't see a problem in what
we need to do for the mentoring program, whether we have DDs or others (probably
both) at the other end of that email address.


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