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Re: d-w wiki page

Hello Francesca and list [re-sending for archive completeness, duh]

> IMHO 1,2,4 can stay on w.d.o, as subpages, with links in team page.
> 3 could be put into website, maybe with something as feed from geek feminism
> blog, or sites like that. And identi.ca account, too.:D

> Ok, maybe I'm exagerating now. ;)
I don’t think so; pulling two feeds does not seem unreasonable or
difficult. (I don’t know how the site runs, though.)

> 2. I need a proofreading on http://wiki.debian.org/DebianWomen
I’ll do that tomorrow.

> (I'm sorry but I write in en_IT)
I think there’s no need to apologize for doing volunteer work and not
being perfect. You may find this piece interesting:
http://ostatic.com/blog/more-bad-english-please (via Catherine Devlin on
the diversity@python.org mailing list).

> 3.it could be useful a link/contact about mentors program on the wiki page but
> I'm not sure about the right person to name in. :)
BTW, is there a mentoring program for non-women?

> Sorry for the long mail
Heh, I’ve read and written much longer :)

I found a Python tutorial in the pages that have been migrated. Would it
be useful to update it? I’ve just skimmed over it and thought I could
improve it, filling in the part about Unicode and modernizing code.
Maybe it is supposed to be left alone as historical document? If not,
could I update it to 2.7 or 3.1?


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