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Re: shebuntu debian project

Hello everybody.

I'll try to express some thoughts I had reading your email in the form
of constructive criticism. When I used Ubuntu, I thought the practice of
making another whole distribution for specific DEs really strange and
unefficient (why duplicate branding, forums and co. just when one piece
of the OS is different?); public-specific versions are a bit less strange
to me. My point is that there exist other solutions (tasks, package list
replication, custom install CDs...) that can be used without needing to
change the name :) My viewpoint may come from the fact that Debian aims to
be the universal operating system, whereas Ubuntu is built with a
desktop-centric view.

> My name is Ivan fro Italy and I'm Ubuntu user and I love this OS
Out of curiosity: Have you given Debian a try too? I don't know how
easy it is to make yet another *buntu distribution, perhaps this could
be useful to you: http://blends.alioth.debian.org/

> *SHEBUNTU* would be a new version based on Ubuntu dedicated to women
> world.
Is there only one women world? How do you define it? (more on that later)

> In surveys carried out most of the women interviewed, want a simple and
> already complete system with no further complications in the 
> installation of programs or other,
Do those surveys distinguish between novice female users and savvy ones?
Could you kindly provide us with links or other references? Why should
a distro for novice female users be different from a novice male users?

> <<My wife doesn't want use Ubuntu yet so I want create a new version
> of Ubuntu for all female world, simple version based on Ubuntu for approach
> all women at the Linux and Open Source world with installed all tools,
> programs and utility for them, like horoscope, fertility calculation, 
> diary, meteo, links at the most famous female sites,pidgin plugins, 
> skype, with female themes.....and many other>>
Excuse the harshness, but a women-tailored selection of package is one that
encompases gullibility, reduction to a sexual role, non-free software and
shiny backgrounds? It seems to me more harmful than useful.

Now I'll wait for actual women opinions :)

Kind regards,


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