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Re: Thinking about organizing a special women-oriented event

2009/9/10 Erinn Clark <erinn@debian.org>:

> IMO those lists are probably sufficient for women-only mailing lists. I
> don't think we need to fracture d-w, especially given its "recent"
> amount of inactivity.

That's probably the bad side of my proposal. Will this new mailing
list lower or raise the activity level?

> On the other hand, are there women reading this who are (still?)
> uncomfortable with the climate of Debian? My feeling is that it's
> improved since, oh, 2002, but I'm less involved than I used to be so I
> can't get a good read on things.

At some point I don't think that this has nothing to do with Debian
exclusively, but with the way women are socialized and brought up, in
fear and low self esteem in many ways. Unfortunately some women do
need some encouragement before being able to talk assertively in a
public mailing list. And participating in Debian lists, even this one,
needs a certain level of self-esteem and assertivity. I was not
accusing Debian of being hostile to women (not this time) but that
shouldn't be the whole picture in my opinion. Such women-only lists
are still needed, as they cover an existing gap.

The question, as you say, might whether a new one mas to be created or
it should be enough with the existing ones. None of them really
promotes or encourages women to join Debian anyway, LinuxChix is
probably a bit more biased towards some other distro, which I don't
see bad at all, but maybe something could be done in Debian's benefit.

The ultimate goal of DW is to be able to attract more women into
Debian development, I'm just trying to figure out if this might be a
step towards that. I understand your concerns, though.


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