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Re: Thinking about organizing a special women-oriented event

agnez wrote:
> Alice Ferrazzi wrote:
>> i agree with Miriam
>> is not a joke !
>> maybe he thought that it was only a stupid joke but it wasn't
>> it's sexism and a really bad one, against a young middle-distance runner and
>> also against all women
>> [snip]
> you have to be able to accept apologies, otherwise this discussion
> leads to nothing.
> agnez

I agree, the person already wrote (twice) to the list explaining and
apologizing ...

I think it is more productive to keep the focus on the topic of this
thread.. which is the conference.

About that, I like the idea of having women speakers only, I would
suggest the following (about men participating -not as speakers -  on
the event or not). That we host sessions for women only inside of it,
and others that are open.

I like a lot the work the genderchangers does, I would suggest to have
workshops like those they do in the event. These workshops would be
great for girls who are just starting with free technologies. And maybe
those should the 'women only' ones.

I would also suggest to add to the event page or propaganda the
explanation from genderchangers 'why women only is important' to reply
right at the beginning why we would have those spaces in the conference.


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