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Re: Thinking about organizing a special women-oriented event

On Tuesday 25 August 2009 16:12:27 Miriam Ruiz wrote:
> 2009/8/25 Anne Ghisla <a.ghisla@gmail.com>:
> > my 2 cents: I agree with Ana. These jokes are hard to understand
> > properly on written communication. So I can't get if it is just an
> > innocent joke or, as it is so common among men who fear women raise of
> > awareness (but can't understand why), a way to reduce importance of what
> > women do and think by laughing at them.
> It is by no means an innocent joke. 

It seems to me to be worthy of comment that the only contribution to a 
sensible discussion, which contribution has of necessity dragged the 
discussion OT and "down", is also the only contribution that I can identify 
as having come from a man.

I would go along with the implied suggestion, earlier in the thread, that it 
probably stems from his in some way feeling threaened by women who have 
strayed from their traditional and allotted role.

my 2c.,

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