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Re: Good manners, Good tone and welfare of DD's, NM and prospective developers


Dmitrijs Ledkovs schrieb:

> I would love to see friendly, safe and respectful behavior towards each
> other on mailing lists & other communication channel's within debian. I
> don't know but maybe a code of conduct (e.g. [2]) is something
> appropriate to be popularized in Debian?

Did you know, that Debian's mailing lists already have a code of conduct?
One could even argue, that it covers the very same as the one Ubuntu has
(just not written down in full length).

I don't think the problem is to have a code of conduct or to have not, but
what should be done with those who don't follow it, and who decides about
these things.  Haven't seen anything about these points in any discussion
about "discussion style" since I joined the project.

 1: http://www.debian.org/MailingLists/index#codeofconduct

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