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Re: Good manners, Good tone and welfare of DD's, NM and prospective developers

Quoting Dmitrijs Ledkovs (dmitrij.ledkov@gmail.com):

> Sometimes when I read some of the posts (debian-devel, debian-legal,
> rants between mentors on debian-mentors a couple of bug reports) it
> seems to me that some parent might be concerned what their children
> are "developing" with that sort of people. The debian social contract
> is such concise and beautiful statement which sets an amazing spirit
> in Debian, unfortunately it does not set the tone.
> I would love to see friendly, safe and respectful behavior towards
> each other on mailing lists & other communication channel's within
> debian. I don't know but maybe a code of conduct (e.g. [2]) is
> something appropriate to be popularized in Debian?
> What are your thought on this topic? Am I talking non-sense or is
> debian development "not children save"?

A few of us are parents of children who are or could be in the age you
describe (not that many, probably, but still). I would say that, from
my own experience of inter-personal relations inside Debian and if my
own kids were interested in such work (they actually aren't, shame on
me for being a bad parent...), I would not be worried about them
reading the mailing lists and be exposed to what happens there.

In short, this is not such a big deal that it can't be managed and,
believe me, I see my kids exposed to as rude relations in their
relations through the Internet, particularly in instant messaging
activites they seem to deeply love.

My only worry actually would more be the "danger" of them seeing how
silly their dad can be in mailing lists or on IRC, and thus to put my
own authority in danger..:-)

Really, improving the social relations inside these projects is
something we all try to do, both in Debian and other projects....and,
as we live in a real world, that sometimes fails but I wouldn't see
this as a big source of worry.

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