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Re: Good manners, Good tone and welfare of DD's, NM and prospective developers

On Thu, Jun 04, 2009 at 04:32:22AM +0100, Dmitrijs Ledkovs wrote:
> Hello Debian Women
> I wasn't quite sure about the correct list / people to bring up my
> small concern about current Debian's inter-personal relationships.
> There are a few under-age (18 / 21 depends where you are) who are
> possibly want to develop Debian [1]. In addition there are various
> adult people with various moral and ethical standards (What's
> acceptable for some might not be for the others).
I certainly think people who are not familar with the Code of Conduct that Mako
(who is both a DD and a founding member of Ubuntu) made should take the time to
read it. People who contribute on the internet get introduced to its social
norms, and Debian has its own -- like using text, bottom or in-line posting,
etc. Most of these can be learned by reading the 'code' and by the 'nudging' of
folks they interact with. But as you mention, development takes place between
folks who are not necessarily restrained by the same social graces as someone
growing up and in their teens and who is impressionable. That is not to suggest
that 'everyone' or a large percentage of folks behave badly. If someone is
joining Debian Via GSoc, then I'd expect someone to mentor them through this
initial period and help them adapt to the expected social norms. That should be
sufficient. If they try the NM or DM route, they also get someone to give them
pointers as to what to do and not do. So that just leaves random people on the
mailing lists or people who send in bugs, etc. Well I just thought about it and
realized that I left out IRC which is less formal than email and would account
for a larger percentage of what you may have been discussing.  FLOSS folks chat
on IRC is a rough, informal social setting. That is something that might bother
some parents as folks can say just about anything. Not sure what to do about
that as IRC is a social outlet for folks who send their free time on their.
just some thoughts,
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