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Re: Debian's Freenode IRC channels

On Sat, Jan 12, 2008 at 03:43:43PM -0200, Margarita Manterola wrote:
> On Jan 12, 2008 5:04 AM, Melissa Draper <melissa@meldraweb.com> wrote:
> > As part of my NY Resolutions, I decided it was time to get more involved
> > in Debian, which involves hanging out in Debian channels more. Apart
> > from rejoining the OFTC Debian channels, I also joined the Freenode ones
> > since they are still the more populous. The channels I joined included
> > #debian-offtopic - a 'secret' channel which they freely redirect
> > offtopic conversation to if they are asked for an offtopic channel.
> Ok, so, after a small bit of research I found out something
> interesting. It turns out that #ubuntu-offtopic on freenode is an
> official community channel for Ubuntu.
> So, *newsflash*, not all similarly named channels are for the same
> thing.  The fact that there is a #debian-offtopic should NOT lead you
> to believe that people on that channel are expected to behave as
> people on #ubuntu-offtopic.
> Debian's official servers are at irc.oftc.net.  Debian's community
> channels are #debian and the localized #debian-fr, #debian-br, etc.
> If you are going to come with any complaints about irc channels, and
> come claiming that _we_ are not doing enough, then please give some
> grounds to your claims. Speaking about random channels on random
> networks does NOT give grounds to your claim.

While I see your point, the fact that the channel has "debian" in the
name suggests that the channel has something to do with the Debian
Project. If I set up a website at debian-offtopic.com and filled it with
sexist jokes, Nazi propaganda, or anything of the sort, people would
rightly be offended.

While many/most people here may know that Freenode is not the official
Debian IRC network, who's to say that a newcomer will realise that
(after all, there's a #debian etc. there too)? While I realise that it's
not possible to police every single network, Freenode is a very large
and popular one, and I think Debian would be completely justified in
preventing people using its name. The behaviour in the channel, from
what I've heard, is not something that should be associated with Debian.

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