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Re: Debian's Freenode IRC channels

Quoting Melissa Draper (melissa@meldraweb.com):

> One must be a developer or packager to be entitled to feel comfortable?  

Certainly not. However, as many already explained, d-w never focused
on the user community. I understand that can sound as disappointing ot
you and, frankly, I'd also really like to see the user community
evolve the way the developers and contributors community did.

I'm not entirely convinced that projects such as d-w or ubunto-w can
really change things in very wide communities. As many already said,
we probably have to accept that the jerk ratio in user communities
will never be close to zero (in that matter, I very seriously doubt
that things are better or worse in Ubuntu users communities compared
to Debian users).

That does not prevent anyone to try, indeed. In that matter, d-w is
probably not different from any other floss-related projects: things
that are done are those for which at least one person is motivated to
work on them.

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