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Re: Debian's Freenode IRC channels

Miriam Ruiz wrote:
2008/1/12, Melissa Draper <melissa@meldraweb.com>:

As an active Ubuntu-Women member, I've many times been told to come to
Debian and the Debian-Women project whenever someone in Ubuntu slips up,
because D-W have had more success with the overall Debian community.
Quite frankly, I'm at a loss for what to think, because I'm not really
seeing it :(

None of the nicks named there ring a bell for me, who are they? Most
probaby they're not involved with Debian development at all, are they?

The DW project has really changed a lot of things _inside_ Debian, but
if you hang around users comunities or users who have nothing at all
to do with the project but using it, it might not be that way. It
depends on whatever channel or bulletin board you are going to. I
guess it could be impossible to handle users in any way.

DW is about Women in Debian development, it has never been about
Debian users. I don't get in touch too much with Debian users myself
apart from the BTS and some mail reports about my packages anyway, so
I cannot say anything about them. I know some Debian related channels
that are very women-friendly, and some others that are totally
hostile, as well as I know them about Linux in general. If a nodody
user is hostile against us, well, that's something that cannot be
controlled, is there any way you're trying to cope with that in
Ubuntu? I mean, have you had any improvements in controlling the
non-official communities of users?

On the development part, I can tell you that all the Development teams
inside Debian, and most of DDs I get in touch with, are very
supportive of us.


One must be a developer or packager to be entitled to feel comfortable? Great, I may as well not bother.

Melissa Draper


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