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Re: Remove News section from the website?

Hi all!

As announced I used the weekend to work a bit on the d-w website. I
haven't commited the changes yet but a temporary version can be seen at
http://www.alphascorpii.net/dw-test/ Have a look and let me know what
you think.

What I did:
* I generally removed dead links that could not be restored and mail
links to people who have been inactive for several years.
* I removed non-working links from the menu. As for the (weekly) news, I
don't think we'll need them anymore. We just don't produce enough news
to warrant such a section.
* The wiki is still in its (not too good) old shape. I excluded it from
the menu for now. I should be worked over, before it can be added back.
* The dict link was also removed, since it's not there anymore. It would
be great to have it back though.
* I also removed the bazaar and the website howto, since they don't
apply anymore.
* I added two new sections:
  * home - holds information on the different sections of the site.
  It's the start page now and replaces the old news start page.
  * contact - is now a separate section, I outsourced it from the press
  section and extended it a bit.
* I added some more links to the press section and extended it with a
list of interviews with d-w people
* I took the liberty to add my profile to the profiles page
* Some small stuff

What's left to do:
* The wiki is still in need of repair, respectively a workover (and
general usage! There are some real nice howtos in there.)
* The dicts are gone in the svn repo and also generally unmaintained.
Where have they gone? Who'll continue them? They were a great resource
and I would be happy if someone could bring them back to live. I'd be
willing to maintain them if someome managed to restore them.
* We need translations! I think there were some in the old repo but
they're gone in the svn. Translators to the rescue!
* If you have a profile on the profiles page, is it still accurate? If
you don't have one, do you want one?
* If you are listed as a mentor on the mentors page, do you still want
to be listed there? If you are not listed, do you want to be listed now?
* If you know of any public articles, interviews etc on d-w that are not
yet in the press section, let me know.
* The FAQs are rather short. Do you have any that should be added?
* The profiles page is pretty long by now, I think it would be good to
have an anchor list at the top, with links to the individual profiles. I
added the necessary named anchors but generating the link list at the
top exeeds my wml-fu. Can someone help out here?

Good night,

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