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Re: Remove News section from the website?

Hi all!

Erinn Clark said/sagte on/am 07/12/07 02:41:
> * Ana Guerrero <ana@debian.org> [2007:12:07 02:02 +0100]:
>> What about remove the section news from the webpage? We do not 
>> produce news and when we do, we just do not update the site.
>> Removing this, we still have a quite nice website, but it does not
>> look outdated  anymore ;) After remove the news section, i would
>> show directly the "about" page when browsing http://women.debian.org/
>> Also, i would love remove the dead links and update the mentoring 
>> page.
> Go for it. I know we talked about this in Edinburgh, but it never 
> happened. You have commit access, right?
> I think Meike had some ideas about the front page also, but I can't 
> remember what they were. I'll ping her to make sure she sees this and
>  maybe it will jog her memory. :)

Erinn: Yes, we talked about this, and the suggestions/plans I made where
pretty much exactly the same as the ones you gave in the last mail, Ana.
However, to my shame I have to admit that I didn't do it yet :(
On the bright side I finished my university degree in August and got a
job/PhD position that challenges me and makes me happy. Still, world
domination won't come of its own volition, so I guess a return to more
d-w work is in order!

Now, the last time I touched the d-w websites it was all bazaar and wml.
Erinn, or somebody else: Could you give me an update on the current
infrastructure, dos and don'ts? I'll get to the site redo right this
weekend then.


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