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Re: [OT] About Computer Careers

On 7/16/07, Don Armstrong <don@debian.org> wrote:

> From my (limited, US centric) experience, degrees are pretty much how
> you get past initial HR screening; no one actually pays much attention
> to it when you actually get to interview stages or the experienced
> based portion of hiring.

This is true in my country as well, and I suspect it is probably true
in most countries.

However, what you study at University usually (and my feeling is that
specially for women) sets the basis for what you will accomplish out
of it.

I know that in Free Software there's a lot of pride in being
self-taught, and that most employers will value self-taught employees
probably more than people with degrees.  I feel, however, that this
might be one of the reasons why the percentages of women in FLOSS are
so much smaller than the percentages of women in propietary software.

I think that if there were more options in the degrees that people
were able to pursue, and some of those included deep kernel
development or something of the sort, we would have more female

I know, we can't change what Universities want to teach. These are
just random thoughts.


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