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Re: DebConf7 proposal: Online course on packaging for Debian

2007/7/7, Jos.. <joskally@gmail.com>:
Hi Miriam,

Hi Joskally, welcome! :) 

My Name is Joskally Carrero. I'm from Venezuela.  I am new in the group, but I want to participate and to collaborate in which can.

Cool! Whatever help or advice you need, please ask, it's really nice to have new people joining in! :)

I am very interested in the course, because I develop and maintain a  MetaDistro:  ULAnix [1]  for the Universidad de Los Andes [2] in my country... that type of training, it's useful in my work, in addition to the contributions that can make the community. I will be very pending of the advances and other information.

I request excuses because my ingles is not good

Don't worry, I'm a native Spanish speaker myself too, so please ask me for help whenever you need it :)


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