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Re: Introduction

Quoting Alexander Schmehl (tolimar@debian.org):
> Hi!
> * Anne S <anne.sorsa@pp4.inet.fi> [070528 16:40]:
> > Because I don't have skills to build websites or programming, yet. I
> > think that participate to translation- or documentation project would be
> > easier way to me to contribute.
> Than http://www.debian.org/international/l10n/ddtp might be interesting
> for you; that's a project which translates all the package description
> to other languages.  An easy way to start contributing :)

Please note that the project is in....a quite unknown state..:-)

The idea of transferring the DDTP to Pootle still exists but needs
implementation (see the page pointed by Alex). Maybe some progress
will be made at Debconf as all the actors of that work will be there.

We might decide to focus an Extremadura meeting on that specific task,
also, near the end of the 2007 year.

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