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Re: debian women anniversary

hi there,
it seems very nice, I have been in this list pretty much since it started but 
not partipating on the things debian women does. This seems to be a really good
moment to know those things and starting to participate more. 

But I wont be there at the conference because of many personal reasons :/
I was wondering of a way to make it possible for people to join the discussion 
remotly - like using audio streamm or voip - but by chatting on the irc channel
it seems like it is hard to do it so - at lesat for this year....

Anyways, I will wait to see first the ideas people have for this re-start before
saying anything, since I am not that active on this group. 
But just to say I am excited to have the chance to re-start with it :)


Erinn Clark <erinn@debian.org> said:
> Hey everyone,
> On June 21st, Debian Women will be three years old. Given the relative
> inactivity of late, I think it's high time we re-started the project.
> Since many of us will be at Debconf and our anniversary falls in the
> middle of it, I think we should get together and work on stuff and come
> up with new ideas. Our retention rate is pretty good, and a lot of
> people who got involved early are still quite active in Debian, but we
> haven't attracted lots of new people in a long time. 
> I was talking to Meike Reichle (aka alphascorpii on IRC) and she had
> some good ideas (which I am either paraphrasing or adding to): we should
> definitely have a party to celebrate what we've done so far, but also as
> a "relaunch" -- new projects, new site, new wiki, basically a rebirth
> theme. I think these all sound great and I like the overarching theme.
> The actual anniversary falls on the Thursday of the "Ceilidh" (which is
> some kind of formal party for Debconf). I reckon we could have a dual
> celebration there and make other time during the week for having our own
> BoF and hack sessions.
> So how many of you out there are interested in this? How many will be at
> Debconf? Let me know of any ideas you have! I'm excited. :)
> Erinn
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