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I have reading this mailing list few weeks now and I think that I should introduce my self :)

My name is Anne Sorsa, I live in Finland (Northern Karelia). My passion
are computers,  alternative operation systems like Linux. Maybe
alternative is not right word to describe that, but in this world
Microsoft is still mainstream :( Which I hope to change soon
;) How I become interested in Linux? First I try to find a cheap
computer and then I noticed that MS Windows is unstable and boring (and
expensive!). It was few years ago and then there was few articles about
Linus Torvalds and operating system called Linux. So, I decided to try
it and I have been addicted ever since. Most of my time spend with
computers or with my family. I'm also very interested in possibilities
to recycling of computers and components, how we could use these again.
Today in our world we buy things, use it a while and then throw it a
way. That is not very economical or ecological either. I use Ubuntu 7.04
and Debian 4.0. I am a member of LinuxChix, i18-mentor group and I have join Debian-Women and Ubuntu-Women just recently.

Because I don't have skills to build websites or programming, yet. I
think that participate to translation- or documentation project would be
easier way to me to contribute.

Take care,

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