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Re: women in IT (in AU)

On 10/31/06, Helen Faulkner <helen@thousand-ships.com> wrote:

OK, so now I want to know:  is there anyone on this list who works in IT who is
in a department/organisation/group where more than half the people are women?
If so, what is the size of the group?

Before becoming a Free Software activist, I used to work at a small
propietary software developing company.  It had two groups: "Software
Solutions" and "Software Engineering".

The software solutions team, was composed by one boss (male) and a
team of 3 men and 6 women.  The software engineering team, was
composed by one boss (male) and a team of 4 men.

Now, I didn't realize this disparity until the moment that I was told
that I was going to be changed into the software engineering groups,
and one of my fellow workers said, "That's not possible, that boss
never employs women".  And it was true, until then :).

My point is, one team was mostly women, because the boss preferred to
work with women, while the other preferred men, so they built their
teams that way.  I guess that in a lot of cases it's the same thing,
men in IT usually feel more comfortable working with other men, and
thus build their teams with few or no women.

I can't blame them for that, but it would be better if we could all
move on and feel comfortable working with whichever gender :)


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